Type 022 Missile Boat


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Has there been any news regarding MLU or other in-service upgrade for these boats?

I don't think there is much that can (or needs to) be upgraded on these boats unless China wants to replace the missiles with a different type (not just an updated version of the current missiles).


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do you think it is possible to upgrade 8x YJ-83 with 8x YJ-62 ?

I think the YJ-62 is bigger and heavier than YJ-83, so I guess that at the very least the missile launchers would need to be adapted. I don't know if there is enough of a margin for that on the 022.

I also don't know of any other replacement of YJ-83 with YJ-62, so the PLAN seems still quite happy with YJ-83 in general (or perhaps YJ-62 isn't that much better or much more expensive ?).

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To me it is not big at all. Let's say the 022 is 60m (I'm sure it's shorter) long, so 60m divided by 144 equal to 0.4166m. You know my 1/16 RC tanks are between 40cm to 50 cm hull length.
It's not too big in the sense that it take sup too much room...just that it does not match the 1/350 scale fleet I have put together for the PLAN.


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Type 022 number

It's been a while Franco and tphuang, but Franco-Russe, you showed five squadrons here.

I thought there were six full squadrons of twelve each.

Maybe some updates in progress... :)

You have a doubt between 60 and 83. For 72 I have never seen this number.

For me 60, i have see this number in several Chinese places normaly better as in English, on a good US report they say 60 coz the construction period shorter than previously thought and member you mentioned ask...

Xinhui from CDF posted this write up on type 56. Interesting they eliminate the hangar because of cost consideration and mainly operation range of type 56 is the economic zone. so still within protection of ground based air cover. Also long extended operation demand crew comfort adding hangar reduce space. No problem I think in the long run they can add larger


Google translation readable
The 056 frigate is a kiloton light-duty multi-purpose frigate heavily equipped by the Chinese navy. The main purpose of the 056 frigate is to carry out vigilance patrols, anti-ship anti-submarine warfare and escort search and rescue operations within China's maritime exclusive economic zone. For surveillance and tracking, in the landing operations for the formation of escort escort and landing fire support tasks such as landing. 056 light frigate at the beginning of the design is divided into 056 and 056A type, 056A type 056 compared to the main difference is to strengthen the submarine search capabilities. 056 warships full displacement of 1370 tons, the maximum design speed of 27 knots, the crew of 67 people. 056 light frigate developed to strengthen China's coastal and offshore defense capabilities. For a long time, China's coastal and offshore defenses relied mainly on Type 037 speedboats and type 053 frigates. With the retirement of Type 037 and Type 053 ships, this gap was urgently needed to be filled. As a result, the 056 (A) light frigate came into being. Although the Chinese navy already had a fleet of up to 60 Type 22 missiles, its single-purpose use was not suitable for the above tasks. The birth of the Type 22 missile speedboat was very special. In addition, the development of the 056 light frigate will also liberate the 054 frigate and the 052 frigate from the cumbersome tasks of normalization, normalization and offshoreization to form focus and operational focus at different levels and regions and focus on their respective duties, Make up each other. China's long coastline is destined to build 056 series of light frigate will be more, is expected to be more than 60 ships. 056 (A) type of ship is relatively low cost, 056-type cost less than 700 million yuan, 056A-type cost of 700 million yuan. Although the tonnage of Type 056 (A) is smaller, the "sparrows are small and all-powerful" and their combat functions are more comprehensive and balanced. The main weapon against air operations was a single-tube 76 mm naval gun and a red flag 10-ship air-to-air missile weapon; a single-tube 76 mm naval gun was deployed against the sea; a single-pipe 30 mm naval gun and a hawk 83J naval missile; Missile is an upgraded version of Eagle 83 attack range, its range more than doubled in the subsequent construction of the batch, the single tube of 30 mm naval gun will be replaced by 14.5 mm carrier-based machine guns; anti-submarine warfare is mainly the use of hull sonar and 311 towed sonar and fish-7 series of torpedo weapons; 056-type ship is also equipped with an electronic warfare system, the installation of bait launchers. 056-type ship's weapon configuration by its positioning and mission mission, because it is mainly used within the exclusive economic zone, although the configuration can not be compared with the 054 series and 052 series of destroyers, but in the completion of the established task is sufficient, Too redundant design is a waste. 056 warship's shipboard electronic equipment configuration is more comprehensive, with 361 improved search radar and 906 data link and navy integrated data link, and the first domestic ZKJ-5 improved second-generation combat command system, the operational command The system greatly upgraded and optimized both the operational command process and the man-machine interface, and realized the integration with the formation combat command system, which greatly enhanced the system combat capability of the 056 type ship and made the informatization of the 056 type ship The degree has been improved and become a combat node in the system operations. This technology is currently leading the navies in various countries. The two-in-one operational command system is also being popularized in the follow-up destroyers such as Type 054A. 056-type ship equipped with helicopters landing platform but not set the hangar, which is mainly determined by the positioning of the 056-type ship. As a multi-mission light frigate, the 056 type ship is more comprehensive in configuration and more focused on the quality of life of the crew. All of these require a large capacity. If a hangar is installed, it is necessary to greatly reduce the capacity of the above requirements , But the crux lies in that the main active waters of the 056-type ship are the 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone. In this region, land-based aircraft and other combat ships are capable of rapid support. The 056-type ships often assume the role of "scout". Set the hangar in demand is not strong, not the best price. In the implementation of a specific need for helicopter participation in operations, such as the implementation of humanitarian assistance or to strengthen anti-submarine in a certain area, 056 helicopters take off and landings platform helicopter can fully meet the needs of temporary take-off and landing helicopters, in addition, if the 056-type ship setting machine Libraries also increase construction costs, and cost considerations must be taken into account for ships built in large quantities. Construction costs must be controlled to meet predetermined operational requirements. This is also why China's navy and even its defense and military sustainable development
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Although the Chinese navy already had a fleet of up to 60 Type 22 missiles

So mainly in English we see in general 80 or 83 or 85 Type 022 but this insider normaly well informed say 60 as do 5 Sqns of 12 i have from Franco-Russe with many other things/files but on some Chinese sites or others appear also 80 so 60 sure after ?
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