The way to deter North Korea's provocations


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Recently with the current circumstance, which is very uncertain and unstable, the transfer of wartime operational command, and the dissolution of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command scheduled to take place on Dec 1st, 2015, needs to be reexamined.

With the North's recent proclamation of itself as a nuclear state in their new constitution, and the GPS disruptions, cyber terrors, and threats against the ROK government and media, the most efficient defense against the North is deterrence through the maintenance of ROK-US military alliance, and the on-going existence, and presence of the ROK-US CFC.

I'm not a military specialist, but plan to rescind the dissolution of the ROK-US CFC sure is a relief in the current unstable security from the DPRK's threats.


So... let me see if I understood you correctly...

The best way to stop NK from doing what they've always been doing is to... keep doing what you guys have always been doing?

I think there's a definition of insanity in there somewhere.


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Is there possibly some mutual happiness stimulus involved like: We really showed them this time (like marines training in Guantanamo that has more than a prison)?