The Modern Russian Navy


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The Future of the Russian Navy
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In a
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with the TASS newspaper, Alexei Rakhmanov, president of USC (Shipbuilding Corporation) Alexei Rakhmanov detailed the prospects for shipbuilding and the evolution of current projects in Russia.

What can we learn from this interview? Not a lot of useful information in reality.

Admiral Kuznetsov (Izd. 1143.5)
Contrary to what has already been announced, the repair and modernization of the Russian aircraft carrier will not start until 2018 and are planned to last for two years.

At the cost level, no details filter. That said, the work was initially estimated at about 20 billion rubles before rising to 40
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The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. [email protected]

Since this information has not been confirmed, it should be taken with the usual reservation but it is a safe bet that the amount of work is much greater than expected.

It would not be surprising, given the economic context, that Russia therefore limits the scope of modernization work envisaged to the bare minimum to remain within a reasonable budget envelope ...

Admiral Gorshkov (Izd. 22350)
The frigates of the Admiral Gorshkov class have a long and chaotic history since their design has been finalized since 2003 and the seizure of the seed took place on 1 February 2006. However, the frigate only joined the VMF Of 22 November 2016!

The construction work was much longer than expected, as the Ukrainian crisis did not help matters since the gas turbines used had to be supplied by
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. There are currently 4 frigates of this class under construction / finishing at the Severnaya Verf Shipyard in St. Petersburg; The stumbling block being the supply of locally built gas turbines to replace Ukrainian equivalents.

Admiral Gorshkov during a sea trip. Photo @ Wikipedia

Dixit the USC boss, Admiral Gorshkov is currently conducting state homologation tests, which are due to end in the summer. In addition, Admiral Golovko , the third frigate of the series, which should eventually count eight ships (or even more) will leave the shipyard this year.

These multipurpose frigates with a standard displacement of 4,500 tons are the first Russian vessels to receive domestic-produced gas turbines (from NPO Saturn) and will have to evolve.

The Admiral Gorshkov still under construction. [email protected]

Sergei Shoïgu, the Russian MoD, recently reported that the Admiral Gorshkov class frigates would serve as a base for new larger frigates. The design of these " new generation frigates " is already being defined and the aim is to have "Super Gorshkov" capable of embarking more armaments and sensors without reaching a destroyer size.

However, the realization of these new frigates will have an impact on other ships.

Destroyers Class Lider (Izd. 23560)
These new destroyers to replace the Sovremennyy , Slava and Udaloy had to be of a displacement of 17,500 tons and to be nuclear propelled.

The first genuine "big oceanic military ships" built in Russia since the fall of the USSR, these 12 destroyers should have carried Kalibr , Oniks and Zircon missiles as well as the S-500 , Poliment-Redut and an A-192M cannon .

Model of a Lider destroyer in the configuration envisaged so far. @ AVKarpenko Photo

It has recently emerged that the project which has been in the course of design / discussions for several years is put on hold during the definition of the new GVP 2018-2025 (state weapons plan); This being a diplomatic way of masking a complex budgetary reality for Russia.



With the planned arrival of "new generation frigates", the Lider class destroyer project will be revised. The project is not abandoned, the design work will continue but the technical choices already made will be amended so as not to duplicate the new frigates.

Model of a Lider destroyer in its original configuration. One notices the high height of the ship. @ Sputnik Photo

This is not an abandonment of the project but it nevertheless looks furiously to a burial of 1st class for these destroyers.

It is true that the Russian Navy must first renew a vast panoply of buildings before considering the construction of large oceanic units ...

Aircraft carrier class Shtorm (Izd. 23000E)
Under the name of the aircraft carrier that is to replace one day - perhaps - Admiral Kuznetsov.

The project has already been postponed several times and, based on statements by the USC boss, the project is in the hands of the government and it is up to the latter to decide whether to launch the project project.

Model of one of the aircraft carrier projects Izd. 23000 Shtorm. @ Wikipedia Photo

This declaration of the boss of USC is still to be taken with the usual reserves since there is currently no shipyard in Russia able to produce a ship of this size and displacement ...

Admiral Kuznetsov still has a long and beautiful career ahead of him.

Kirov class nuclear powered cruiser (Izd. 1144 / 1144.2)
Although we are absent from this interview, we take advantage of this to show a recent photo of the Admiral Nakhimov (Izd. 1144.2) which allows to better see the installation in progress of the universal launchers UKSK 3S14 which may contain missiles Oniks, Kalibr and Zircon.

Admiral Nakhimov during its redesign, one sees well the location (in green) of the universal silos UKSK 3S14. Photo @ Key Publishing forum

In theory, modernization of Admiral Nakhimov is expected to be completed by 2019-2020. It is his twin brother the "Piotr Velikiy" who will undergo renovation afterwards for a duration of at least two years.

In conclusion

It can be seen that the programs are both ambitious but much more realistic than before. Has the economic reality caught up with Russia or does the USC boss play the "security" card by highlighting his strengths while minimizing / evading the weaknesses of his companies?

The exercise of the interview is perilous in itself because it often leads to more questions than it brings, however we see that the statements and plans of the USC boss are prudent and reasonable without tipping over As is often the case in other sectors.

It is clear that Russia is currently experiencing a progressive paradigm shift with a forced return to more pragmatism in military investment; And even if the Navy's requirements are substantial, the adoption of the new doctrine in 2015 and the need for "self-sufficiency" in marine propulsion will mean that the renewal will be longer and costly than expected .

After all, before considering the construction of an aircraft carrier, it is preferable to have the facilities capable of building and maintaining it, as well as the accompanying squadron.

The years to come look very promising in this area.

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The F417 is no long "under construction." It is plowing the wave.

F431 has been launched and outfitted. It is ready to do trials and then be turned over.

Numbner 3 has not been launched yet.

They are VERY GOOD FFGs, the problem is that it has taken far too long for a nation like Russia to produce them. These are the largest new surface combatants Russia has produced in almost 20 years!

As to the huge destroyer and the full blown carrier. sorry, at this stage I believe that is just smoke in the wind. Russia could not build ether of them at this stage if it wanted to.

It barely was able to complete a refit of a 30+ year old carrier for the Indians.

The time may come when they are able to do this again...but it is going to be a long time.

First they will need the money...which they do not have now.

But even more importantly, they will need the expertise. The people who diod all the designing and building of the large USSR fleet are all gone now. Either dead, or very old men. They have to get a new generation educated and trained...and that is not an easy thing to do once you let the cerbreal capitol...meaning the actual know ho, escape you.

it would be the same for any nation.

Great Britan has held onto theirs...barely. That has happened by keeping some destroyers, some subs, some LHDs building...and so now they can build a few. Not many, but they did not lose the industry the way Russia has.

Anyhow, some great point @Hendrik_2000 !


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I doubt there is any particular expertise the Russians are lacking with respect to constructing a large surface combatant. It's just a matter of funds and priorities.

Carriers are perhaps a different story. Personally I don't think Russia should pursue a future carrier. They don't have the resources to do the job properly (i.e. to build 3-5 carriers), they don't need them in the first place, and they have many other higher priorities that they will, in at case, struggle to fund. Russia is fundamentally a land-based power and the fever dreams of the 1980s should be consigned to history.

If anything I expect Russia would be better served by large, multi-purpose amphibious assault ships akin to the America-class, with an airborne complement to match, designed to protect the nation's interests in the arctic.


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This thread documents the status of the modern Russian Navy. The actual ships under construction and being launched and commissioned. And it will focus on the non-strategic classes...meaning no SSBN, Orei class.

They have some good designs...some of them very good.

But all in all, their rate of production and ability to get vessels launched, outfitted, and commissioned has been an absolute embarrassment.

Those seven classes constitute the really modern Russian Navy. Several of these classes started design, and were in fact laid down around 2001 or the early 2000s.

Sadly, of them all, the Russians in the last 16 years have been able to get only 19 ships of these classes commissioned. 19 ships in 17 years.

Compare that to what the Chinese have done, or what the US is doing...where both of those nations have literally built and commissioned dozens and dozens of vessels, and many of the larger destroyers, amphibious ships, and aircraft carriers.
In summary exept Corvettes and Kilo 636M delays for all new and modernised classes ships or submarines BTW now announced Oscar II/949AM finaly delivered for 2021 and not 2018.