T-80 Tanks

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Red not Dead

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@zraver: Reading your previous posts I suspect that your argument is partially derived from the flawed assumption that China's industrial tech level is quite primitive.
This was indeed the case may be 10 or 15 years ago but today e.g. China's steel industry has already replaced Japan's as the worlds leading producer of stainless, heat resistant and special steel in '06.Regarding the level of metallurgical science in China it is safe to assume that China has currently reached the russian level (one of the few fields the russian's are rather good!) and approaches korean and japanese tech leaders.

The new canon for ZTZ-99 is produced with the most modern technology China is able to apply and the gun is way better than the stuff the russian's are currently churning out for export (but indeed they have something up the sleeves exclusively for their own tank guards:D ). Of course China is not even near the magical capabilities :roll: of ´western´120 mm guns but since the Israelis have got their hands on the Rheinmetall gun a long time ago we should not be very much surprised if China has already managed that feat too.:D (... $$$ are not in short supply :roll: )

This is funny, I mean the chinese have barly moved from 20 years and yet they've managed to reach undescriptible levels in...following the Western Powers. It's huge. During the CW the Chinese never managed to reach the Soviet levl of technical develeoppment despite the cautious Help given from ZE WEST. Now in 20 years of spying and exchanging we got the news that China is a leader in armamament?

It's sad to see how flawed this logic is. China is nowhere near the capabilities of The Russian Techinical pool and even lightyears behind the Western projects. Mostly because this stiry about "funding" is really stupid. Projects don't die...their implentation sure but projects are still there and the theoretical activity in Post Soviet Russia reached unsurpassable levels because there was no one to doubble check them and impose these sceintists a "general line" for their projects.

The same applies for the West but with a factor 10, So why bothering yourself beating a dead horse. I've noticed the chinese on the net had a bad habit of boasting their nationalism as ultimate proof. Now chill out every one else has taken that corridor before you, no shame on closing in.

What the russian sceintists laked how ever was the "brain pool" of the USSR that shrinked badly when the Soviet Union imploded.


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and as always, the probable truth falls somewhere in between.

Zraver probably understimates the RHA penetration rating of the Chinese gun

Fishead likes to trump nationalism about all

Violet Oboe likes to read magazines and not physics books.

And RedNotDead just doesn't quite get the point that Russian precision manufacturing is just a tate behind China's.


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Ok...perhaps its time to close this thread before anything personal insults appear...
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