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It’s never going to be a direct 1:1 translation from one media to another. But even the style and design of Halo has changed significantly from game to game and game to novel. Cortana got a lot of attention yet both Bungie and 343 have said that she looks different in every game as they are constantly tweaking her.
They have admitted that they changed aspects referring to this as “Silver continuity” in reference to him being attached to silver team rather than Blue team. Although Silver team looks alot like Blue team. I mean change the number and name they would have worked as Fred, Linda and Kate. that said Sauron 066 is the most obvious glaring change. He was never seen on screen, and did go rogue yet he was one of the candidates who washed out after a failed augmentation.
In terms of Timeline this actually comes before any of the games. The only media I know that is earlier being The flash back scene in the Fall of reach movie.


Lieutenant General
Although this is in print (comic book or book), explain to me how this "female Darth Vader" came to light in the Star Wars series. It's quite interesting though. What do ya think? Terran Empire?:)



Tyrant King
First remember my screen name is a to Startrek not Starwars. I have watched all the star wars movies I am not following all the TV shows or Books especially the comics. I have grabbed other aspects of the tech though.

Next that is pretty clearly just a Female Imperial Officer in black Imperial officer armor. I mean Empire Strikes back introduced the helmet and breast plate. General Veers 1CF3EC20-2326-4D97-A8F9-91B63EB159DC.jpeg
Only real difference is the goggles look smaller and color. But we know that the Empire has different service arms in different colors of uniforms. Field grey, Black, White, Blue, white and Black combinations are all seen on screen. Apparently she does have her own red light saber though. But what most people don’t realize about Starwars is you don’t need to be a Jedi or Sith to use a light saber. It helps but Din who is a not force sensitive does, not very well. Moff Gideon the same as did at least two other non force using Mandilorians use the Dark saber. General Grievous used multiple lightsabers and wasn’t a Jedi or Sith or even force sensitive. All that is needed is the training and unique aspects of the Starwars light saber.

Vader’s suit is much more complicated than a general uniform. His suit is actually a walking Hyperbaric chamber with grafted on artificial limbs. This is also what his “ball” chamber is. It’s a meditation chamber that was constructed as a hyperbolic chamber allowing the burn victim Anikin to live without the life support system on his chest. Some theories even suggest that Vader’s suit is actually a modification of a common medical device in the Starwars universe.
Now then as to the woman herself.
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