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CNBC article about how top tennis players are asking for answers in the Peng Shuai case. There is talk of giving Peng safe passage out of china.

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I think that the CCP should reverse course and release Peng. To put Peng into an unknow location (possibly political prison) because of a sexual acusation made against a top-level official, and then denying that this issue exists, only gives a terrible image of the chinese government, not only external but also internal, IMO.

I wonder what other posters on this forum think of this.
We think if she has a legitimate claim with evidence, she should go to court and get him jailed. If she doesn't then she should go to jail for slander and defamation of a man's image.

China doesn't care what 3 tennis players think or assume to have happened to her; they can all live or die as it makes no difference to us.