Some intresting Type-95 Photos


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Was crusing around on the internet when I found these photographs.

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The pictures at the bottom pequied my intrest, but it also shows quite a few configurations for the rifle as well. I cant read the text on the site, but it is still rather intresting just to look at them and try and draw conclusions on your own.


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just wondering, have they fine tuned the problems with type-95 that was mentioned on this site??


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I dont know. Lately I have been too busy to be up to speed with that. But it will probably still take some time to correct any of the errors that could have cropped up.


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curse said:
Does anyone know if the QBZ95 is available for purchase some way to the states?
not possible, even most PLA troops haven't been armed with Type-95 yet, personally i believe type-81 is better.

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type 95 had had some changes since 1997 first issued to troops to hk. one is the reloading handle (geez, i don't know how to say these things in english), changed from long, which occupied about all of the space in the big handle to short. it's easier for trooper in north using thick gloves to reload. another is the holes which decrease the temp of the barrel, it changed from 3 holes to 6.
that's pretty much is.
and type 95 and 5.8 will not be available to other countries in a while, i suppose. the export version of type 95 is type 97, which fires nato 5.56 rounds. it uses M16 magzine. it looks about exactly like type 95. only the magzine and the connection between magzine and the stock is different, mostly.
to those who are in north america, if anyone would like some 5.8 rounds shell, i may get some in the summer. but i don't know if they let you mail such.....


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silverpike said:
not possible, even most PLA troops haven't been armed with Type-95 yet, personally i believe type-81 is better.
As do I, but lets just try and keep it from becoming another T-81 V.S T-95 thread, if you do not mind.


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I don't think the 5.8mm version is offered for export. The type-97 with NATO standard 5.56mm and compatibility with standard NATO magazines is for export, but considering Norinco is under US sanctions, you won't find it here. You might find one in Canada, but I bet it'll be quite expensive.

Those configurations depicted in that web page are really just add-ons to the rifle. There are four real "configurations", if I recall, they are:
standard rifle
short barrel carbine
long barrel marksman
squad machine gun

The amount of commonality between the rifle and the squad machine gun is not that high, which is surprising. It's more than just a barrel difference. I actually haven't seen any mention of the carbine in service. I think anyone who needs a carbine (i.e. support troops like logisitics, arty, navy sailors, airforce garrisons) either still have their Type 81s or will get Type-56C carbines, or will just get the standard rifles (which has been shown to be issued to some arty troops).

That webpage just shows various optics. The big one is starlight night vision I guess. One pic is with rifle grenade, and the last one is an underbarrel grenade launcher.

Oh, there's a new underbarrel launcher recently revealed (don't know about status, I assume it was just developed and at most going through trials), the main points about it is that it fires a grenade similar to the Russian 40mm one while being lighter. And it has some kind of recoil reduction system. Muzzle loaded. Again you'll have to see the original source, another magazine article.

I'm really surprised they didn't do anything about the awkward location of the safety with the newer version.