Some common knowledge about chinese uniform

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darth sidious said:
WHY are some sailors useing army uniform during the battle over paracle islands ?:D
i don't know about this paracle islands thing. but i will assume that's the battle with south viet namese navy. i don't think they do wear the army uniform. it was the political enviornment, as the whole army is "back to the red army time", as red army was lead by chairman mao, it was an act as the people's army is loyal to chairman mao forever thing. but almost no one liked the grey style navy uniform, people call it "grey rats" or "grey hound" (not confused with the bus....) so in 1974, it changed back.

chinawhite, i will post it later today.
and people please feel free to reguest for uniform's photos, and if you have problems do ask them, i may not good at professional military problems, but i do know something about the uniform.