Smerch MRL for China & India ?


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China and India to Make Smerch Rockets

Rosoboronexport is preparing to transfer the technology for the production of elements of the Smerch multiple launch rocket system to China and to give India a license for its production.

Those plans are discussed in a letter from general director of the Perm Powder Mill Alexander Melentyev to Governor of Perm Territory Oleg Chirkunov dated June 23, 2008.

According to the letter, the mill concluded an agreement to manufacture and deliver equipment for the production of SND-100 rocket fuel to the Splav enterprise in Tula. Splav in turn would resell the equipment and technology to China under a 2004 contract to transfer the license for the multiple launch rocket system.

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why would China want Smerch? China already has A100.
apparently by the production scale of A-100 gives away its inferiority to Smerch. thus, in 2003 PHL03(Smerch with different chassis) succeeded the A-100 project and went online in 2005. Tellingly, the PHL03 is fast approaching/exceeding the capability of the Smerch. Correspondingly, the russians are scrambling to make their last clearance sells before the PHL03 copies sweeping over their markets.
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if we already have PHL03, why the need for smerch?

btw, I heard China is developing long range MLRS, how is it going?


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I think news and speculation about the long range MLR is in another thread, but to summarize one such new system (not sure which) has been recently used in exercises.


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Probably fake news.

The performance of PHL-03 in both reach and reloading time easily defeats the Smerch. New types of warheads aren't the hardest of objects to create.