Sinophobia and Racism

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You have yet to provide any "facts" buddy. I didn't write anything that would or could be considered childish; what I have opined based on my personal, professional experience simply informs you that your qualities, qualifications or lack thereof would not be at all an asset for any Chinese companies in China. You don't know the language, unfamiliar with the culture other than the bastardized, caricature version of my culture.
You have a serious attitude problem. The moderators removed the vile insults you hurtled at me half a day ago, but that seems not to have deterred you in the least. Here you go again today, embarrassing yourself even further. You know nothing about me nor my qualifications, but have already passed a verdict about my odds of landing a job in Shenzhen :rolleyes:

I work at a high tech multi-national where half the employees are expats, most of whom don't speak a word of native language nor had the faintest clue about the local culture before immigration. FWIW, the largest expat ethnicities are Chinese and Indians. Yet we consider all of them valuable assets and indispensable to the success of our company, which btw would be the envy of any company in Shenzhen.

Are you saying that all the expats desiring to work in Shenzhen at a high-tech company need to prove their proficiency in reading and writing standard Chinese before they would be considered eligible, say for a mechanical engineer or data scientist position? I've read the Analects and several other ancient Chinese classics. Would that improve my odds to pass the cultural assessment part of my job interview? As for technical qualifications, I have a PhD in my field of expertise and +5 years of experience. Not good enough?
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How safe is China for foreigners? I have the high demand skills and experience. I love learning about the country's history and wouldn't mind doing a 2 year stint in a high tech company in Shenzhen or the likes.

However, I've heard a lot of stories of beaten up foreigners, police harassment and rising xenophobia resulting in many expats leaving since the trade war intensified, which has me concerned.
Short answer is it is not safe for foreigners with your skills and experience.
They beat nlalyst-like foreigners. You will get harass by police and you should be very concern.


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Actually, we can answer this very coolly and mathematically
If we take the number of mass shootings in China in the last 5 years, adjust it for the population, I think that number is 0
If we take the number of mass shootings in the USA, adjust it for the population in those cities (not the whole country), that number is > 0
Therefore the USA is statistically more dangerous than China
I choose mass shootings because we are assuming that such an event is more likely to harm randomly than something like murder which can be targeted (gang disputes, domestic violence, etc.)

Some other simple common sense analysis
Last year during the height of the coronavirus outbreak in China, there was the widely publicized photo of the McDonald's that was not allowing Black Africans into the store with a racist sign. These stories were accompanied by anecdotes of Black people being denied hotel rooms, being evicted, etc. I think it is safe to extrapolate that if this were happening to White Europeans or Americans, it would be even more well publicized.

As an aside, the sheer publicity of the incidents with Black Africans, vs. the relatively unpublicized xenophobia of HK rioters leaves no doubt of the geopolitical aims of the media. How many international news outlets published the targeting of Fujianese business for vandalism and the "No mandarin allowed" signs by the "Yellow Economic Circle"?
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