Shenyang FC-31 / J-31 Fighter Demonstrator


Why do you say so, If anything the sting in the middle should remove all doubts that this will be a twin engined aircraft.

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Like I said guys, the Varyag is the love boat until she gets her airwing, and if the Captain and crew of the Varyag are as knowledgable as I suspect, they won't be looking to pick a fight with the USN. Really, I don't mind bragging and a little or a lot of National Pride, but honestly China and the US have a long history of cooperation and friendship, both of our countries need the other strong and I personally believe that we both need to strengthen our own citizens. Like I said, I don't mind braggin, brag your little heads off, but some of this hypothetical war gaming doesn't build trust, but whatever turns your crank. I do think this bird is on the right track to be a viable Air Asset and love all the specualtion, but lets try to build international relations and trust between our two nations. Let me say " I am not for a New World Order kind of UN nonsence, and I am not interested in subjugating anyone, just that Biblical idea of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. While that may sound weak or archaic, let me assure you that it is more important than ever now that we have a community on the Web, and getting to know you guys is a real pleasure, like I said brag all you want, but the US is not the big bad wolf, [no offense wolfie], and we do promote "fair play, and the rule of law"!

Like I said, beautifull bird and it seems to be on the right track, I am looking forward to further developements and updates!
Chill, I was just following on with the point that Engineer raised, by no means am I looking forward or advocating such a scenario :) .


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More information about this fighter, from the official website of the company who transported the fighter:

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From their website, there are some interesting information about the fighter:

The fighter has a wing span of 11.5 meter, comparing to F-35's 10.7 meter, MiG-29's 11.4 meter or Hongdu's L-15's 9.5 meter.

The official name for the figther should be called as some sort of eagles.

It is confirmed the fighter is transported from Shengyang's SAC to Yanliang's national insistute of structral strength to conduct static stress test.


New pic:

Pics are getting clearer.

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seems that now they're not so allergic about people getting close to the plane.

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seems that now they're not so allergic about people getting close to the plane.

Can faintly make out the arrow shaped outline of the DSI intake.

Seems like the loading truss is painted orange after it has been placed on the truck.

Overall I think this plane when finally unveiled will look very similar to that F-50 model displayed, if not completely the same.


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sorry can post same pics in better quality and w/o watermarks due forum limitation :(