Shenyang FC-31 / J-31 Fighter Demonstrator


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Thx for the understanding, I guess I was a little bit strong last night. Anyway, I really like the pictures but not very much about the guessing work, especially when it’s over developed.
Yeah, just take it easy.
Given China’s political and web environments, no one can give us satisfying information continuously.

Paradoxically, guessing Chinese military affairs becomes the real fun, at least to simple fans like me.

When Chinese mil things become routine news briefings or propaganda activities, it will be boring.

Pupu is a great example. I knew him since 20+ years ago on various forums. He knew a lot of things. But 99%of times he deliberately spits out garbages, especially after early 2000.


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I hope a proper 5th gen PLAAF strike fighter will arrive at the scene soon. It has being too long.


An academic paper from Shenyang describing the fabrication process of J-31's tail vertebrae.



A close-up of the 31003's nose. OP suggests that the FC-31, or its eventual derivative, will be equipped with a KLJ-7A AESA radar since the following image was posted alongside photos of the KLJ-7A (original post here:
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