Self Propelled Gun/Rocket Launcher


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Also China exported rockets always say range 280km, 290km but I think everybody knows the truth. :cool:
The joke seems to be these exports come with a manual with a section that goes "you should not removed the dead weight highlighted here and replace it with additional propellant because then it will result in ranges exceeding 300km, and that would be very naughty ;)".

I'm well aware that China is not a party to MTCR, but have decided to follow its rules on their own barring these "hint hint nudge nudge" situations. But I'm curious as to if MTCR makes a distinction between SRBM and super long range rocket artillery, because China seem very eager to blur the line.


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High-resolution images of PLA's mainstay self-propelled artillery systems.






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Correct me if I'm wrong:
1 - 120mm SP mortar on ZBD-04 chassis
2 - ZSD-89 Armored Command Vehicle
3 and 4 - PLZ-07 122mm Self Propelled Gun

Yes. IMHO, the first one is called PLZ-10 (or PPZ-10? not sure...), while many Western sources use (for sure wrong) designation PLZ-05A.
In the background of the 2nd pic, there are 122 mm PHZ-10 (or PHZ-11? not sure...) multiple rocket launchers