Self Propelled Gun/Rocket Launcher


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. Revealed first in 2018.

If that post on douyin is real tho, just by comparing barrel lengths, we see a L/52 like on the PLZ-05 mounted and not a L/39 like on the SH-11.

For example, the bore evacuator one the new wheeled type is before the thing that fixes the gun while driving (Verzurrung/Rohrzurrung in German, can't get hold of the english term), just like the PLZ-05.

While on SH-11 it is behind that thing.

Also of course the barrel hangs more over the front hull in the new type.

So a lot more range if true


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A comparison between USA and PLAGF artillery systems and usage:

Yes, yes, I know about youtube videos but I thought this one was pretty accurate and balanced. If you don't like, don't watch.
I actually quite like Battle Order's videos in general. The part where the video lists the explosive fillers for the different shells was pretty cool, although he didn't state the explosive filler equivalent of the PLA's 155mm which I believe is also ~10.8kg similar to M795, and around twice that of the M107. Anyone else can confirm?


The part that I didn't like was that he understates the accuracy of the PLA's rocket artillery too much. I don't think the Guided 300mm rocket is less accurate than the HIMARs (and may actually be more accurate). CEP of 30m for Fire Dragon 480 (750mm) I can accept, but that's export version too. The PLA isn't "catching up" to the US in this department.

2021 Korla the PCL-191/PHL-16 basically bullseye 6 targets simultaneously, at a range of about 60-70km. Which would be HIMARS M31 rocket range.
We've also seen other targets that get hit 150km out with direct impact on this forum before.