SD Forum's Quizz of the Week Thread


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Ok, our eigth thread since the foundation of the old one in the Ezboard days....(Due the too huge size of the previous ones)

Anyway, the rules are same as they have been:
1. The one that answers correct has the right to post the next quizz.
2. The quizz can be recognition pic of military (related) thing, but not post something else, like a question or similar.
3. The posting the quiz needs to follow the thread so he can annouce if the answers are right.
4. If you know the answer, please dont post any links to verify it, it will ruin the fun of the others.
5. If the poster of the quizz doesn't annouce the correct answer after it has been posted or otherwise the quizz lags or you simply dont have any quiz in your mind, Gollevainen as the grand referee has the right to post new quiz.
6. Try to not enter into deep conversations over the quizzes, so that the thread wouldnt go off topic. I will allow little moving base in this, but so far we have managed to work this pretty well.

And here is the starter for this time


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Re: Gollevaine's Quizz of the Week (New)

She's Azerbaijani... She's the 'Qusar', a special purposes warship.


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Re: Gollevaine's Quizz of the Week (New)

Canadian Cougar armored reconnaissance vehicle?


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Re: Gollevaine's Quizz of the Week (New)

The turret is not a 76 mm Skorpion one?