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2 New Project 22800 Corvettes Uragan & Typhoon Laid Down by Pella Shipyard for Russian Navy

Two new Project 22800 guided missile corvettes were laid down for the Russian Navy by the Pella Shipyard in St. Petersburg on December 24th, TASS reported from the shipyard on Thursday. According to the shipyard’s spokesperson, the lead ship, the Uragan, is to be commissioned by the Russian Navy in December 2017 and the first production ship, the Typhoon, in 2018.
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Is this new, or am I late?

Mighty missiles: Russian Tor-M2U SAM fires from moving launcher (RARE VIDEO)
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Published time: 26 Dec, 2015 12:56Edited time: 26 Dec, 2015 15:03

The Russian Defense Ministry has released rare footage of a Tor-M2U surface-to-air missile launcher firing on the move, a feat as yet unachieved by any competitor.
The launcher was driving off-road at 25 kpm/h and successfully hit a Saman practice target with the first missile fired, the ministry said. The test was performed this summer at Kapustin Yar test range in Arkhangelsk region.
Various models of the Tor short-range air defense system have been used by Russian Ground Troops, the service arm corresponding to the US Army in the Russian armed forces, for decades.
The capability to fire on the move is what distinguishes the M2U modification of the Tor. The benefit is that it can respond to a surprise attack and that a moving column doesn't need to stop to get protection, as was the case with the previous models.
Producer of the system, Almaz Antey, said at the time that teaching the old dog the new trick was challenging, but the result brings Tors to a new tactical level.
The ministry also released footage of a night test-fire of the S-300 long-range missile system, which was used to destroy a new target missile called Pensne (Pince-nez). The target mimics advanced fast-moving rockets and has been used in Russia for air defense practice starting this year.
The S-300 launcher used in the exercise was one of the newest S-300V4 modifications.
The footage was released on Saturday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Defense Forces.

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S-300V4 is a very good SAM want S-400 same max range 400 km ! clearly less vs BM missiles, S-400 60 km.mostly a matter of trajectory vs a target much more fast as a aircraft.
Exist also export S-300VM, 200 km rrange.

In Army S-300V4 replace S-300V/SA-12A and her more big variant S-300V/SA-12B better range 100 km vs 75, ABM up to 40 km but only 2 on TEL vs 4 for S-300V.
They are monstruous 3.9 t and 5.8 t ! wider as S-300 which is yet very big in general 1.8 t

Specialied variant on a T-72 for Army and to be used on or close the front, all others S-300/400 for PVO initialy and Air Force after.
S-300VM/SA-12B build for intercept NATO BM missiles mainly US Pershing.
Replacing SA-4.

Army have about 110 TEL they are used in mixed batalions with 4 S-300V and 2 S-300VM, 4 in a AA Brigade replaced by 24 S-300V4 now




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Graphics with Project 22800 Corvettes show also a Pantsyr navalised, on others 2 x AK-630 to see later
Pantsyr better as AK-630 vs aircrafts with her missiles a Ciws is limited for range/altitude vs aircrafts
RU Project 22800.jpg

21631/Buyan-M use in fact MANPADS lauchers, Russians have much classes equiped with it including Submarines.
RU Byuan M 21631.jpg

I like much for look Project 22160 and have a real Anti-Air armament with ofc unavoidable, unbearable for some... Kaliber :)
Ru Pr 22160.jpg

For surface ships they do 2 new FFG classes but finaly much more Corvettes.


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the missiles are in kinda sabot (most probably I used a wrong word :) feel free to correct it):

("sabot" being dropped during the recent launches from the Rostov-upon-Don off Syria coast)
the missiles are in kinda sabot (most probably I used a wrong word :) feel free to correct it):
:) ;)
encapsulated in a container to enable submerged launch through a torpedo tube

TL for launch missiles have need improvements/modifications, what exactly ? by example Indian Kilo's returned in Russia for to be modified and use Klub but don' t need do it for all TL in a Submarine.
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