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From Sputnik:
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Hovercraft From Hell: Russia Designs Next Generation Military Landing Ship

17:26 20.10.201
A next generation large air-cushioned landing craft is being developed by Russia’s Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, Russian media reported on Tuesday.

“This is a dramatically updated version of the Soviet-era Zubr-class military hovercraft built in Ukraine. The main engine will be made in Russia and the craft will carry a new weapons system. To top it all off, the new hovercraft will look better too,” Dmitry Tsygankov, the head of marketing and technical information at Almaz, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

The Soviet design Zubr-class air-cushioned landing craft is the world’s largest hovercraft, designed for shore landing assault units.

The Zubr hovercraft has a cargo area of 400 square meters and a fuel capacity of 56 tons.

It can carry three main battle tanks (up to 150 tons), or ten armored fighting vehicles with 140 troops (up to 131 tons), or eight armored personnel carriers of total mass up to 115 tons, or eight amphibious tanks or up to 500 troops (with 360 troops in the cargo compartment).

At full displacement the ship is capable of negotiating up to 5-degree slopes on non-equipped shores and 1.6m-high vertical walls.

The Zubr remains seaworthy in conditions up to Sea State 4 and has a cruising speed of 30-40 knots.
Would this been inspired by discussions with PLAN about their use of Zubrs?


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14 on 24 and the 19 Su-33 normaly modernised for continue up to 2025. ;)
No 21 Su-33 ! usualy max 14 on Kuznetsov a Sqn with about 11 Ka-27 ASW and 2 Ka-27 Sar in more they have 3 Ka-31 but seems rarely aboard.

Su-33 are not too old 20 years but Soviet/Russian airframes get a initial service life inferior* in general 3000 h Western 5/6000 build in big number cheaper but inferior quality in more more rustic
* But same number of years because Soviet pilot fly fewer about 100 h/year i think now same for Russian, during 1990's Russians about only 30 !!! and NATO 180+.
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Remains interesting see the main VLS, on video you posted we see but fast one with 24 cell's before and now again always 36 graphics, wiki etc... but remains interesting have a view from above :cool: but on this very good site they confirm 24 SAM :
indeed a recent Russian source
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said 36 ... time will tell LOL

also it hmmm
I can only guess what you tried to say here, bro :)
I knew they would mount the Kalibr-NK VLS ... but you probably had something else in mind; don't hesitate to write it in French and translate automatically! your posts are on the SDF top, but sometimes I have a difficulty to understand them