Russia stressed that the issue of sanctions against Iran in line with China's positio

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The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Piatnitsky with Section 16, that Russia and China will remain
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the same on the Iranian nuclear position, the premise of sanctions against Iran must submit convincing evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Piatnitsky with Division pointed out that not long ago, Denisov, Russia's First Deputy Foreign Minister's visit to Beijing, Russia and China on Iran's nuclear sanctions, issues such as the detailed views of a wide range of replacement. Russia and China against sanctions on Iran's nuclear program and its solutions have similar or uniform point of view, which is based on common interests and common principles, sanctions must be based on persuasive evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

Shafuluofu emphasized that Russia made before the sanctions are taken step by step, not the blockade of Iran, but dot-style Bureau of sanctions, first in the financial and banking system, and to reduce Iran's oil, petrochemical and gas industry investment. These areas are basically controlled by the state to take such measures do not lead the people suffer, the purpose is to promote Iran's top resuscitation.

Shafuluofu that, not long ago that Russia stands to support the position of Western countries, but recently, the United States in the arrangement of neighboring countries, Romania has triggered anti-missile weapons, the Russian security interests, Russia and China, after consultation proposed compromise.

(哈哈 ... ... tell the truth do not care come!)

Shafuluofu pointed out that the Iranian nuclear case for Russia, the political content of total win, and Russia does not want to lose this important regional power Iran, but Iran is the focus of almost all the national interest. Second, economic interests have re-pen. (Previously I do not know Westerner is what are the benefits of the old America, willing to give up Iran's high point of this strategy?)

Russia and Iran Research Center Shafuluofu: "A few days ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made an important statement, his first official status in order to emphasize that Russia's position on sanctions against Iran, involving many countries and regional interests, and international geographic situation, any sanctions, if there is no conclusive evidence that Iran's violation of International Atomic Energy Agency recommendations and in the development of nuclear weapons, Russia is not ready to participate in the international sanctions against game. "

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【Fang gossip】: Iran's strategic position is self-evident. Old America is bent on overthrowing the Iranian regime, so as to achieve greater control of oil, thus to achieve a better suppression of the countries big bargaining chip in its world hegemony services to the world's oldest child in a stronger position . For countries such as Iran, the strategic significance of China and Russia is even more important. Old America in this world liar banner of "safeguarding world peace and nuclear-free world" on the cover in the global trickster, this flag is to give the world to see, the discerning eye everyone knows in fact that it maintains their own peace and achieve the denuclearization of other countries in order to achieve the maximization of the interests of the United States a dog!
Old US-play is to give you a piece of meat, and then ask you to pay all his own intestines out of the game. The results really people who believe, and this backtracking is the best example of Mao, Mao is also wise from the thought that many seek, but the result can be imagined, or was the old America's played some shows that, in the strategic and tactical Westerner or package is not very steak! Fortunately, early discovery, mending their ways. But no wonder the old aesthetic is tantamount to The Art of War comic terms, is rational Westerner has been playing also. The United States and the dog want to play 咱 may not be so fun to know 咱 strategic and tactical play, but our ancestors! Personally believe that the preceding days of the old America through arms sales to Taiwan, with China's hard-line stance on the Iran issue is not unconnected.
Last year, still shouting G2, Sino-US joint management of the world theory, was 咱 firmly rejected, the result of the subsequent trade sanctions to force the yuan appreciation, arms sales to Taiwan and meet with the Dalai Lama and a series of anti-Chinese measures. But no matter how old the United States under the jump on a string, 咱 is the hard and soft do not eat! And the soldiers to come to the water retaining soil cover, the old US-wrong first, and you trade sanctions, let's anti-sanctions, and the successful opening of the ASEAN Free Trade Area; you force the yuan appreciation, let's determined to maintain the stability of the yuan and gradually make the RMB to the international ; you arms sales to Taiwan, let's sanctions against U.S. workers, and to interrupt the performance of the ABM ... ... justified! Strong! There's Day! Resourcefulness evident 咱! Certain points of view, it is also forced by the United States with the old, and we have a better opportunity to make moves and do not give people the "China threat theory" and so making themselves laughing stocks, because it is forced to the old US-Kazakhstan , He He ... ...
So Fang personally think that this card is still some fight 咱!

For Iran's position must be hard!
In the matter of national interest
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, will not be allowed the slightest ambiguity!
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