Russia sells S-400 systems to China


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Theoretically it is possible, but in reality it is complicated. First of all, a large stealth bomber like the B-21 or B-2 may not even be more detectable with a VHF radar like the Nebo than with an S-band radar like the Big Bird. In fact, the S-band radar may very well have a better chance of detecting them due to higher output power and superior antenna gain.

At long ranges, the opportunity for pulse integration is reduced, because the radar has to operate at a lower PRF. If there is fluctuation in target RCS that will further reduce the probability of detection. If there are decoys flying in tandem with the stealth bomber that will reduce the probability of detection even further. Weather conditions can further degrade radar performance, as can jamming, etc.

Ideally you would want to paint them from high off center axis angles, but that may be difficult. Stealth aircraft are very well optimized for +/- 60 deg angles of incidence.

Bi-static and multi-static radars are often mentioned as a superior method for detecting stealth aircraft t than mon-ostatic radars. They also have the advantage that the passive components of such radar systems will be difficult to detect and less prone to jamming.
Could you explain the difference seen from an UHF radar standpoint between a B-52 vs B-2 bomber ?

Both are still in the Mie region, so the shape has minor effect.