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Oh I've been on solid food for a few weeks now, but small quantities. My stomach has very little volume now and won't stretch either. One mouthful too many and it gets painful! I'm not complaining though, my insulin intake is down by 75%! Hopefully I'll come off it altogether over the next few months, then I can get my truck licence back (The UK is the only country in the world to ban insulin injecting Diabetics from vocational driving, for no justifiable reason). Saw my surgeon this morning for a six week check up and he's very pleased with my progress.
its always a very good sign when your Dr. is happy! My Dr. was happy last time too! and she's a real cutie! LOL

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My surgeon is a Dutch guy in his fifties... but apparently he's the best in Europe! The scars are healing very well. I'd call him an artist!
Awesome Bub, we all want to look and feel "pretty" after our surgery, I like artists, I know lots of liberal leaning Dudes who whine and cry about what their Dr. makes, in fact my favorite cousin is a union guy, heavy equipment operator.... hates Walmart, doesn't think its fair Drs. are making so much more than the cashier at Walmart....

I told him, so next time you need surgery, call that chick at Walmart, I've got a scalpel I would loan her!!

Yes, surgeons are beautiful people, gone are the days of the "butchers" who did what they needed to, and closed it up... we are indeed into the Surgical Arts, at least in the Western World...

My life enjoys watching that reality TV show "Botched", about a couple of fancy plastic surgeons, those two are indeed artists, fixing peoples horrible results from surgical amateurs and sometimes surgery just doesn't work like it should, it all depends on healthy tissue, masterful replacement, and excellent "blood flow"....

I'm very happy to hear that you got your "miracle", I'll be praying that your numbers continue to drop so that you can get back in that truck and make a living and pay taxes Bro, I'm proud of you, it takes a brave man to take a chance, Lord's healing blessings to you Obi Wan!

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I actually wanted a big scar like my Dad got after Duodenal Ulcers in the early 60s, they liked to unzip you from crotch to chin back then! Anytime anyone asked him about his scar he'd always say "Some Guy came at me with a knife... he was also wearing a mask and gown..."

This is him back in 1980:


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Well, I have purchased all the 1/700 ships I need to build my two carrier JMSDF Carrier strike Group. Almost finished with the Kaga, having added on the Ski-jump by building it on myself. The JMSDF has the funding to add those ski jumps to both Izumo class...and there is still the potential (depending on what China does) for the Japanese to build another class that can carry 30-36 F-35Bs building either 2 or 4 more.

I added one of those, but am going to build it out as the Izumo and ahve both of those in my grouping.

The Group will included the two carriers, an Akizuki class DDG, a Kongo class AEGIS DDG, an Atago class DDG, a Takanami class DDG, a Soryu clas SS, and the Mashu replenishment ship. I have purchased all of the detail kits with the tiny 1/700 scale railing and sensors as well.

I am finished with the Kaga now.

In order to earn the money for what I bought becaue Mama Bear says that it is necessary...fter all, we are retired now, I ave put together a mega deal on ebay. So, as I say, in order to afford the 1/700 scale Japanese two carrier trike group I am putting together, I am selling a GREAT mega deal on eBay of a 1/350 scale USS Wasp, LHD-1, USS Bunker Hill, CG-52 (a Ticonderoga AEGIS cruiser), the USS Momsen, DDG-92, an Arleigh Burk class AEGIS destroyer, and a LOY of after market detail sets, additional extras (like six 3-D F-35Bs for the Wasp to show their new F-35 fighter squadron that is replacing the Harriers they have had until now, a lighting system, over 200 pre-painted US Navy personnel in 1/350 scale, a complete Detail Up set for the Wasp as well as additional metal photo etch for the other vessels, and a LOT of other parts to allow the buyer to create a museum quality grouping. Right now all of the parts best price on eBay add up to over $550.00, and I am selling it Buy it Now (BIN) for $329.00. So if you are interested, or know of someone who would be, or who would appreciate a GREAT birthday or other gift...take a look:

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If you are so inclined, take a look.

You can see my builds of sister ships of all three (The LHD Iwo Jima, the Ticonderoga CG, Mobile Bay, and the Arleigh Burke DDG, USS Lassen) in the following youtube video. The parts and extras I am adding to this deal should allow a modeler who has patience to make an even better build of them.

If you are so inclined, or know someone who might be...feel free to taake a look at the eBay offering and the youtube video.

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Hey how ya doing, well our Asian friend is grounded in a forest fire and thunderstorms in Laramie, Wyoming at present,,,, God Speed Bro, the old saying is STILL as fresh as yesterday! "Time to spare, Go by Air"!
and an aviation update, the "Trumpster has ordered all Boeing 737 Max-8's and 737 Max-9's grounded until further notice... no doubt Boeing is trying to get to the bottom of this issue, some may be "crew training", specifically lack of training in how to isolate the FCS once it decides to fly the airplane into the ground...

On of the reason's we should "never" operate an aircraft carrying people to be autonomous, the 737 Max is an amazing airplane, but like all aircraft, it needs a highly trained and highly skilled operator.....

NOW, I'm sure Boeing will be looking at the FCS very carefully......