Reading Philosophy


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I figured I might do some heavy reading in my free time, following the theme of philosophy (see title)

I was wondering what is a more worthwhile read, and what would each apply to:

1) Machievelli's (sp) The Prince and Art of War
2) Sun Tzu's and Sun Bin's Art of War
3) The Book of Changes (I Ching)
4) Thomas Hobbe's Leviathan (sp)
...the list goes on as I can name them.


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I would have to add a couple from the old North

The Poetic Edda is a must

Snorre Sturlason's Heimskringla is highly recommended.


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if we take that line, then the Kalevala is must...

And Tolkien's Silmarillion and Unfinished tales, goes just fine together with other old epic myths...