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I know this is out of topic, but don't you guys get a lot of lewd advertisements on this site? A lot of advertisements here have girls with big boobs or half-naked men. Extremely annoying.

Please don't tell me it's because the advertisements are tailored for me. Lol.

I prefer the "Landlords HATE him", "The IRS hates him!", "6 Ways to Burn All That Fat Fast!" kind of advertisements please

EDIT: I realized my AdBlock was turned off. Problem solved. No more big booby girls.

EDIT: I kind of miss the big booby girls. Maybe I'll turn off my AdBlock again.


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Except isn't the Chinese ahead of the Russians in both regards? What cooperation is there? There are only a few things the Russians are ahead but even though will be passed within this decade.
Haha I was meant to post that in the strategic defense ballistic missile thread, why did I post that here...