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this thread is for all pla, plan, or plaaf commanders participating in the moderated war games.

we can discuss tactics, strategies, equipment, plans, and aquisitions. of course, anything of higher level planning would be done via pm, as to avoid spying by roc or u.s players.

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just first tell what position you occupy. im the senior admiral of the plan south sea fleet

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I'm Ender Wiggin, some of you may know me as the military boy genious who in Orson Scott Card's Enderverse books wiped out a whole alien race when playing a simulated war game, (either us or them mate, life is tough).

I'm the PLA, People's Liberation Army Commander and Cheif.

Zhōnggúo Rénmín Jiěfàng Jūn

*grin* anyways, what I suggest, is that we don't act tough and think stupid, Sun Tzu would frown if we engaged too many foes at once, so I suggest a Statement in which we are completely cooperative with the EU and the US with the evac of US civies.

However, we word the statement to be ambigious so that the conflict (which we did not start *grin* they attacked us first */grin*) can continue smoothely, our goal is to keep Taiwan politically isolated and prevent the West from supporting them militarily, we can care less about political or moral support even less then we could care about whether my prick shoots straight. (*grin*, I happen to know that back in the 50's Mao and the other older Communists were very foul mouthed. */grin*)

While gaining Russian support is good is not to be counted on, getting their political and moral support is useful only as a means to an end, for the US will not wish to start a hot war with Russia since they're supposed to be "good friends" now. The end is that the US will be wary of tangling with Russia even if Russian military assets in the Far East are limited, for their naval assets while not very big will be enough of a deterrant to make the USA think twice before meddling.

NATO while imposing are only paper tigers, but paper can still cause cuts... our strategy as I stated should be firstly to isolate Taiwan from them, but if worse comes to worse we mainly have to consider their naval assets which are formiddible, their military assets can only come in small batches and the invasion of Taiwan should be completed by then, making it too late for them to interfear.


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ok, heres an update on our current situation.
the u.s cvbg has yet to make a move, for peace with america is being negotiated. a plan small task force has been sent to watch and keep the cvbg in check. a plan naval blokade of submarines and surface warships extends from northern taiwanese seas, across taiwans strait and around taiwan, and into the philipines sea. numerous plan supply lines have been established, with disgnated lanes that allow european evacution ships to arrive.

taiwan has no navy, but is still well consolidated on land, with a decent amount of planes left. its the plaaf has air superiority, aside from the occasional taiwanese fighter raid.

this situation is much like that between nazi germany and the allies in mid-1944. so an invasion of taiwan is imminant. if any commanders want info on this, pm ender.


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hmmm, since i dont have time to write up a profile, i'll just take one from C&C: Generals
Command: PLA Second Artillery Force
Just give me a call if you want a country wiped out :coffee: