Posting rallies


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These so-called posting rallies are because members write one liners(but a lot of them).

A one liner is still a one liner even though there are a lot of them. I am having trouble repling to certain member/s because they write many one liners about different topics and i feel compelled to reply to all his questions and replies.

I think its ok if you write 4-5 lines for each quote(depending on quote size) but writing one line and it only being a smart ass comment should be dis-allowed.

Sometimes it is because people are not allowed to double post and having to answer in just one reply may also cause a problem. I never never been in that situation but it could hapen.


Second point is about over quoting

There is also a probelm in this forum where people over quote. This is what i mean.

Someone post.

I am a Nazi
I am a Nazi
I am a Nazi


then the other person quotes it all

I am a Nazi
I am a Nazi
I am a Nazi
then replies

But they are right on top of him. why do they need to quote him? There is no need to post that.

This is one of the smaller sizes but sometimes people quote half a page full of information and writes a 2-3 lines reply. I discussed this with a moderator and he thinks people arent using the Reply bottom but the Quote bottom

End Note

Both these things make our forum look amateur and less compelling to professional posters. Smart ass commets should be reserved for something like
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I started this thread to get a opinion of what the average poster here thinks of this matter. And next time someone does a little peer pressure should work




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...leave the pressure thing for us...

but othervise chinawhite has a point. These "quote-rallyes" are extremely exhausting as they usually drifvery far from topic and are basicly two-person depates which are almoust unuderstandable for others to follow. They usually end up to very low manner personal insulting and are therefore not wanted.

THe seccond thing is also a proplem, exspecially in photothreads. From nowonwards you shouldn't use the blue quote buttom in low right on every post, but either the quickreply next to it or the "post reply" button in the left side of every topics bottom. If you want to quote some one, do it as it was done in the old forum: when you anserw to someone, there is that yellow button above the text window, right next to the image posting button. Just "paint" the text which you want to quote (ofcourse first copy/paste it to your reply) and then press the button...helppoa ku heinän teko...;)


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I would suggest that we remove the "quote" button. Most experienced users know how to use quote /quote tags to quote other members' comments anyway. At least in this way people will pay attention about what they are quoting.