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Prof Jacques said that the only way the current antagonistic relationship between the United States and China, as he believes the current situation is unsustainable for the Americans, is for the Americans to have a shift in their attitudes, and share primacy in the world between the two.

Remember Ren Zhengfei offer to the Americans to license all of Huawei 5G the whole portfolio to a single American company which would allow China and America to be on equal footing developing 5G?

Interesting parallels in how they thought of things.



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This place is near the Thailand border. The is place look and feel like Thailand. The architectures of houses and buildings are very similar to Thailand.

From comments:
" Xishuangbanna is a "Daizu" autonomous region under China's Yunnan Province. It is adjacent to Laos and Myanmar. The customs and religions are the same as those of Southeast Asian countries."

Traveling in China | Xishuangbanna: the majestic Thailand of China | Part 1



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Trying out a Naruto themed ramen shop in Shanghai. Chinese food vlogger Brian does most of his vlogs in Chinese but he's going English this time. He travels all over China to satisfy his pallet.



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Jan 30, 2019

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They never had a chance once the Chinese Communist got involved.

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