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My grandson "poopeye" is at sea this very moment aboard Nimitz. They are in what we use to call the work-up cycle. Lots of drills and work...work...work. It seems endless. Work-ups suck big time.Nimitz has been at sea nearly a month with two very short visits to San Diego..No liberty on the first stop. For some reason there have been no "news" on navy.mill about Nimitz being at sea and only a few posted photos on facebook. Dunno whyo_O. Eny whoo the ship is not finished working up. They are going back out very soon for more work-ups and then a deployment sometime next year.

When I was aboard JFK in January 1973 we did work up down in the Caribbean. The word was passed that we would get liberty in St Thomas the US Virgin Islands:p..yea right. Well the time past for our port visit:mad: and we headed back to Norfolk with a short six hour stop in Mayport FL to disembark the air wing that was stationed down there. All the drunks ran of to the enlisted club and got really, really drunk.

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to Popeye & family, & all in this Chat Group. Advill
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well my friend, thanks for you kind thoughts and contributions, its much appreciated!

and of course the whole world would be a better place if we were half the man BD POPEYE is, Blessings on you Poop-Eye may the Spirit of the Lord, and the heart of your Grandfather keep that sea faring spirit alive in your family Bub! fair winds and following sea's shipmate!