PLAN Type 072 LST News, Pics

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Yes correct there is only 3 new units built to replace 3 that were handed to coast guard 927, 928 and 929
Thanks, Asif. I was unaware that the first three, the original Type 072s, had been transferred to China's Coast Guard, and have now updated the first post in the thread to reflect this information.

Still active, but now with the Chinese Coast Guard.

asif iqbal

we will see, but Chinese bbs indicated more than 3.

btw, this is No. 982, the second Type 072 of this batch, from WC shipyard and there is no No. 982 in either of these ships.

No you are in fact correct

I posted that above picture a few months ago in the thread but it's no longer there and should have rechecked but I didn't remember

Yes 982 was already numbered so these unnumbered units might just be different

Btw this does not look like WC? Is this another shipyard ?

Apology's for all confusion !
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Yes, the drill was to beach and stranded the ship and then pull it out to sea by pulling the ship's stern anchor, with engine running of course.

The drill was to drop rear anchor then pull full throttle and ram the ship towards the beach, disembark its cargo, then with assistance of rear anchor, pull itself back to the sea.

picture I with small insert showing the rear anchor has been dropped prior to beaching.

Picture 2 showed the motorised reel with cable pulling rear anchor to help it move back to the sea
5.jpg 7.jpg
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