PLAN Type 051B/C Class Destroyers


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any modifications made through the Overhaul ?

Aside from the obvious change of the HQ-7 to the HQ-16 and VLS, the Type 1130 CIWS over the AK630, and the YJ-83 to the YJ-12, the change of equipment as follows.

Type 360 search radar to the Type 382 search radar.

Type 381 search radar to the Type 364 surface search radar.

This is interesting because the Type 051B is the test bed for the Type 381 radar which is the first frequency scan PAR used in the PLAN. The experience from the Type 381 combined with the Fregat Top Plate array on the Sovremenny merges to make the Type 382.

As a note, on the 051B, the Type 382 is not placed with the Type 381 is. This is strangely unlike that of the 051C, where the fore is the Type 364 radar, and the back is the Top Plate. On the 051B refit, the order is reversed with the Type 382 on front and 364 on the back, like the Type 054A, with this template originally set by the 052B.

Less noticeable is that the ESM and ECM fit of the 051B is taken from the 052D, despite the radar and SAM layout being taken from the 054A. That means the 726-1 and 726-2 ESM, 726-3 ECM, and 726-4 Decoy.


The state of 168's overhaul.



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It looks to me that the section on the front where the Shtil missile launcher and cache is, has been chopped off. You can see the red primer where its been chopped.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 9.21.44 PM.png

Compare this to Jeff Head's model of the ship to illustrate the same area from an angled top view. That platform with the Shtil missile launcher, that's gone.



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Close look at DDG 167 Shenzhen after MLU. the first modern DDG built and designed by Chinese navy

The main content of this program: It has participated in the evacuation of overseas Chinese, and has also created many firsts in the history of the People's Navy in the history of foreign exchanges; it has undergone many changes in appearance, and now it has a new look and a lot of highlights! "Science and Industry for National Defense" takes you to watch the "First Ship of China" Shenzhen Ship