PLAN SCS Bases/Islands/Vessels (Not a Strategy Page)


I love the trees, it's a really nice touch. Planting trees in that sort of number tells everyone you're here to stay.

I wonder how often you have to water the trees. My mum had a colleague who was in the PLAN (retired now) and was working in the area of water purification for SCS island bases back in the days. Of course back then the bases were tiny, some of them no more than buildings on stilts and the fresh water supply were all collected rain water purified by machines that this colleague help design, supplemented by supply ships. With bases now on this scale I wonder if they have to run reverse osmosis machines and desalinate the sea water.
Rain water is quite abundant due to regular typhoons and monsoon in South China Sea. Sea water desalination would compliment rain water collection.

I see damages to tile roof of some buildings, possibly caused by strong wind from typhoons and monsoon. They should replace those roof tiles with solid concret roof.


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A set of high-resolution images of the various installations in the South China Sea.




China Huayang(中国华阳) huh? apparently it's one of the first state owned companies, and it also apparently had some investment in estates, so all the filling up island thing and the land rights of them are all on companies? I thought the Ministry of Defense at least has the land rights, or at least that's what it is on table? or the company just own the building, making it more weird to think about, what, are they just gonna sent one or two poor guy on there and have to share rooms with the pla?


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same as above, those buildings look a bit too decorated for a military base, so they're planning to open up some vacation things facing the public or something else? if that's true don't they fear leaking anything information sharing the base with the public in this distance? and if it isn't what I thought, then what is this?

PS: oh no jokes me, the second picture doesn't even looks like a proper military base, it's properly just had a company in it for the radar web thingie in the scs or some short stay unit in

but the first one still bothers me though...


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Oil and gas drilling/processing/management? Chinese search engine showed that 中国华阳 is involved in such activities now.