PLAN SCS Bases/Islands/Vessels (Not a Strategy Page)


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Some pictures of the dock at Yongxing Island. I think the pictures are taken recently, but I am not sure.

Yongxing Island. Dock/harbor.

Yongxing Island. Dock/harbor. Some work is still occurring.

Yongxing Island. Dock/harbor.

Yongxing Island. Dock/harbor. There is a plaque.

Yongxing Island. Dock/harbor. Work is still occurring here.

Yongxing Island. Dock/harbor. Work is still occurring here.


I do not know exactly.

but a fixed location on these small islands is not that bad a thing, particularly if it is a strong design.

The US is spending a LOT of money to build fixed AEGIS ashore facilities in Eastern Europe that will be very capable at defending against anything (if they wanted it to) from small surface skimming subsonic missiles, to ballistic missiles.

These probably are not so much a ballistic missile defense, but they certainly could be a strong missile defense against whatever might attack those islands.

Since the islands are small, a smart weapon could attack a fixed or a mobile unit with strong accuracy...unless of course the anti-air unit was strong enough, and numerous enough to shoot them down first without being overwhelmed.

Anyhow...I am not saying that is what they are. Frankly, I do not know. I am just thinking out loud here.

In any real conflict scenario, air defences based on the islands will be numerous short ranged point defence units designed primarily to shoot down incoming enemy ordinance before they can hit the islands.

The real long range air defences will be provided by fighters (both based on the island and carrier borne) and AAW focused surface warships.

Rather than forward deploy HQ9s and other long range SAMs, the PLAN could provide far better SAM coverage by parking a few 052C/Ds and/or 055s behind the islands.

Those structures are water/fuel storage silos. They are designed that way to offer better structural strength and mutual support to better withstand the high winds, waves and storms common for small islands far from main land masses.

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Their location (at oposite points of each island) as well as the fact they don't seem to be connected with any kind of net do not speak for water /fuel silos. But you may be right, let's wait for some weeks and we will know.


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They will need to permanently forward deploy fighters to those new islands if they want these combat patrols to have any meaningful operational relevance rather than just being PR ops as they are now.

I believe it should be taken as given that if China declares and ADIZ in the SCS, fighters will be forward deployed to the new islands.

That is one of the main reasons why such a declaration would be such a big deal.

I do not believe they will need to justify any deployments with an ADIZ. They will just do it.

The pads near the runways are clearly of the right size for various aircraft, but the islands are not ready yet. They will have to be complete and finished and outfitted, and the islands completely stabilized environments before planes are sent.

Jet and Turbofan engines do NOT take kindly to ingesting sand.
The islands will have to be nearly complete for craft to be stationed there.

Still a ways off.


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Some pictures of the Martyrs' Cemetery on Chenhang (Duncan) Island in Xisha (Paracels).

Martyrs' Cemetery Monument on Chenhang Island.

Martyrs' Cemetery Monument on Chenhang Island.

Retired officers paying their respects to fallen comrades at the Martyr's Cemetery.

Quiet reflection at the Martyrs' Cemetery.

Young sailors paying respects at the Martyrs' Cemetery.


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Pictures of the school in Sansha, Yongxing Island starting a new semester. These pictures were dated September 1, 2016. The island has a very nice looking school.

01 Sep 2016. Flag raising ceremony to herald in the new school term.

01 Sep 2016. Flag raising ceremony to herald in the new school term.

01 Sep 2016. Students, teachers and officials in front of the school.

01 Sep 2016. First day in the classroom.

01 Sep 2016. First day in the classroom.

01 Sep 2016. First day in the classroom.

to be continued .......