PLAN SCS Bases/Islands/Vessels (Not a Strategy Page)


A 12 km long bridge.
Very much OT:
About half a century ago, in Delft, a student from Curacao, then part of the Dutch Antilles, told me that the question most often asked of him was about the bridge between his island and Surinam, then also a Dutch colony, a distance of about 1800 km. :D


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That means one fewer Chinese islands in SCS.
Here is another one less island. The one on the left is Palm Island and the one on the right is Duncan Island. Now they are one, with a nice harbor in between.

The circle shows the reclamation.

Potential positions for helipads on the island.

The top circle is Yongxing (Woody) Island. The bottom circle is the location of Duncan Island.


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thanks for the never ending stream of photographs ahojunk. some of those photos are just amazing and you saved us alot of time because we don't need to find SCS pictures elsewhere cause we know you will post them here in this thread! the Chinese are really getting good at this island reclaimation thing. They are turning it into an art. The joke on some Chinese boards is Xi jinping should build a SCS island for Taiwan and name it ''little eagle island'' as a gift free of charge with only one little condition. Which is that Taiwan must station real military personal, marines there and not some Coast Guard unit.


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At the moment, I don't think it is economically viable to build this 12 km bridge. There are at the most a couple of thousand residents on these islands.

A couple of pictures of Meiji Island airstrip. I think these were taken in Dec 2015. So, the airstrip could be more developed now.



For nostalgia, this is a picture of Meiji Island dated 1933. China was already thinking of developing the island a long time ago!