PLAN overseas deployment and excercises a list

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I think it's time we keep a track of all PLAN movements as China becomes more active here is a list of all the anti-piracy missions any corrections wellcome

Type 920 hospital ships has also joined some of these missions like the 6th escort mission I will update as we go along

We can see that PLAN used a single replenishment tanker for two flotillas until the 11th escort mission, that was when replenishment tankers were highly stretched before two Type 903A started to come on line, now they have started to rotate with the warships on a single tour rather than staying out for two tours

Also 4th escort mission had 4 vessels and 1st escort mission had 2 x DDG and LPD has been deployed twice once in 6th escort flotilla and once in the 15th

More analysis to come

1st Escort Flotilla

DDG 170, DDG 169 and Tanker 887

2nd Escort Flotilla

DDG 167, FFG 570 and Tanker 887

3rd Escort Flotilla

FFG 529, FFG 530 and Tanker 886

4th Escort Flotilla

FFG 525, FFG 526, FFG 568 and Tanker 886

5th Escort Flotilla

DDG 168, FFG 568 and Tanker 887

6th Escort Flotilla

LPD 998, DDG 171 and Tanker 887

7th Escort Flotilla

FFG 529, FFG 530 and Tanker 886

8th Escort Flotilla

FFG 525, FFG 526 and Tanker 886

9th Escort Flotilla

DDG 169, FFG 569 and Tanker 885

10th Escort Flotilla

DDG 171, FFG 571 and Tanker 885

11th Escort Flotilla

DDG 113, FFG 538 and Tanker 887

12th Escort Flotilla

FFG 548, FFG 549 and Tanker 886

13th Escort Flotilla

FFG 568, FFG 570 and tanker 885

14th Escort Flotilla

DDG 112, FFG 528 and Tanker 887

15th Escort Flotilla

LPD 999, FFG 572 and Tanker 889

16th Escort Flotilla
FFG 546, FFG 527 and Tanker 889

17th Escort Flotilla
FFG 549, DDG 150 and Tanker 890

18th Escort Flotilla
FFG 571, LPD 989 and Tanker 890

19th Escort Flotilla
FFG 547, FFG 550 and Tanker 889
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Can someone translate this picture? What does it say on the right hand side about PLAN deployments? Ships dates and location of travel, what are the numbers 2-9



^^^ 2-9 on the centre line is months of year 2013.

Going left signifies eastward movement with the line representing Malacca strait crossing.

Going right signifies westward movement with the line representing going out of first island chain.

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Good work no_name!

Here's my analysis of the Gulf of Aden missions over the last 5 years

26 warships sent covering DDG, FFG, LPD and replenishment tankers

Also the frequency of their deployments, 568 has been deployed 3 times

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First is pennat number second is number of times deployed third is the fleet and forth is the class of ship

Example 568 has been deployed three times from SSF it's Type 054A

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Thanks for the table Asif, good work.

I notice that it is the 054A class of frigates that seem to be doing the bulk of these deployments.

Not bad for what is still a brand new class of vessels!

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Actually I have updated the table to show which vessel was deployed and from which fleet

We can see the DDG mainly have been pulled from SSF and the FFG mainly from ESF

For this reason I think that the first Type 052D will go to SSF as probably 172 and 173 to add to the two Type 052C the 170 and 171

We can also now see that more recently NSF has been given the chance to deploy too so they are seeing some part of the action and thats with older vessels
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