PLAN North Sea Fleet & Bases/Islands


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12th Submarine Flotilla to Lushun

Before about a year we know she had received new Yuan 039B replacing Ming/035G* confirmed by this sat view, right now she get 4 maybe 5 039B because some sources say up to 13 Yuan in service and 8 with ESF.

*8 Ming/035G : 356, 357, 358, 359, 360, 361, 362, 363.


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We are going to have three separate threads for the three separate PLAN Fleets and the islands associated with those fleet Areas of Operation. Please relegate your discussions to those appropriate threads for News, Views, Pictures, videos and discussion of the various Fleets overall and their area of Operations for the PLAN.

The three threads are:

PLAN South Sea Fleet & Bases/Islands
PLAN East Sea Fleet & Bases/Islands
PLAN North Sea Fleet & Bases/Islands

These are for the specifics of those fleets and their areas of operations. We will continue in the for specific Vessel Class developments, launching, etc. in the respective threads for those class types.

We simply do not have enough information, bandwidth, or resource to allow for separate threads for each fleet and separate threads for the various island chains in general.