PLAN Littoral Combat Ships II

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Looks like a shorter version of the US littoral combat ships based in Singapore.
I'd say it is pretty much the same design with a very few alterations in terms of the structure. Clearly it has a much different sensor and weapons fit.

US trimaren Indpenedence Class LCS

Chinese trimaren Coast GUard (or MAritime Surveillance) Cutter Design

But it is clearly either a Chinese Coast Guard or Maritime Surveillance design and not outfitted or painted as a PLAN warship.


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The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has decommissioned two 58 m patrol craft, according to state-owned television news channel CCTV.
CCTV news footage, which was also published by a local defence blog on 12 April, showed a banner stating that vessels with pennant number 728 and 729 were being retired.
According to IHS Jane's Fighting Ships , the pennant numbers belong to the PLAN's Type 037 Hainan-class fast attack patrol craft. Vessels 728 and 729 operated in the PLAN's South Sea Fleet.
The Type 037 is equipped with the MG-11 Tamir-N (Stag Ear) high-frequency sonar for submarine prosecution, and can also be armed with up to 18 depth charges.

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