PLAN Fleet supply vessels

asif iqbal

Very good ship

China needs more of these submersibles

It was recently sent to Djabouti for Chinese base there

Many features useful to navy


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the 9th 903A is under construction...
..principal stats length 178.5 meters width 24.8 meters, full load of more than 23,000 tons ..
..from beginning of 2008 8 ships [incl 903] have been serving as the escort supply ships in the Gulf of Aden ..


asif iqbal

Great ship!

Chinas tanker fleet is growing and anti-piracy has been great learning curve and these units go back 15 years on and off

2003-2 launched
2012- 2 launched
2014- 2 launched
2015- 2 launched


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anyone heard of this nuclear powered tanker China is working on ?
There's a brief mentioning of the nuclear supply ship in the attachment.

On September 5, the No.719 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) unveiled a model of a nuclear-powered comprehensive supply ship based on the marine nuclear-powered platform demonstration project.
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