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More images from the Sino-Russian joint naval patrol.







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Damn that Marshal Krylov looks amazing in photos when it's front on. Maybe PLAN need to order some Yuanwang 7 and send it out on such trips for the intimidation factor, maybe even put a Long March on the launch pad for effect now that FOBS have made the news.

I don't think the PLAN needs to bring the Yuan Wangs, which are under a different government administration, but they need to bring a Type 815 ELINT ship along for deployments like these. A good example is when 161 Hohhot lead a task force group past the dateline into the mid Pacific, and one ship among them was an 815. Maybe they should build a few more of these. A good reason why you should attach an ELINT ship into task group is that they can monitor who is trying to monitor you. More than just a space tracker, the Marshall Krylov does that.

The Yuan Wangs operate like lone wolves. They go into the deep Pacific or even the Atlantic, going around for months til their mission is complete.