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We have individual threads for most classes of Chinese vessels, as well as threads for their bases and various other operations.

But we do not have a beaking news thread for gejneral PLAN activities, which may or may not fall into an individual ship class or other thread. So I though I would create one...and to start it off, here we go:

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People's Daily Online said:
From October 21 to October 23, 2014, a rescue team of the North China Sea Fleet conducted rescure exercvises, including in bad weather conditions.

The North Sea Fleet used a LR-7 type deep submergence rescue vessel to successfully dive and connect with a PLAN submarine that was 40 meters below the surface and successfully "rescue," and transfer eight submariners to the ships on the surface.

This is important training. We all know of examples where just this type of capability has been required.

Congratulations to the PLAN personnel on a successful exercise!

Jeff Head

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Naval Today said:
Three Chinese Naval ships will arrive in Portsmouth next week for a formal visit aimed at enhancing military understanding between the UK and China.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming and hundreds of UK-based Chinese residents will welcome the ships into the city’s Naval Base on Monday (January 12).

Heading the task group is the assault ship Chang Bai Shan, accompanied by the frigate Yun Cheng and the replenishment ship Chaohu. Chang Bai Shan will fire a 21-gun salute as she approaches the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour and a response will be fired from Fort Blockhouse, Gosport.

The ships’ last port of call was Salalah in Oman and on leaving Portsmouth they will head for Kiel in Germany.

During the five-day visit, senior officers from both Navies will discuss various maritime topics including recent counter-piracy operations across the Indian Ocean.

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said: “The Chinese Naval ships will be visiting the UK after they have finished a counter-piracy escort mission in the waters of the Gulf of Aden. This will be the third visit to the UK by Chinese Naval ships, and the largest one.

“It is a significant event in China-UK relations and exchange between the two militaries at the beginning of 2015. It will be a visit of peace, friendship and cooperation. It will further deepen the exchanges and cooperation between the two militaries, and push forward the comprehensive development of the China-UK relations.”

Commodore Jeremy Rigby, Naval Base Commander, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming our Chinese visitors to the operational home of the Royal Navy. As with our ship visits abroad, these events are not only of great diplomatic significance, but also very useful militarily given that we share similar global challenges including counter-piracy, preventing conflict, protecting our citizens overseas and supporting UN peacekeeping efforts.”

Crew members from all three vessels will be given tours of local attractions including HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose and they’ll also be shown around the Royal Navy’s newest warship – Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan.

The two nations will also compete in badminton and basketball matches at HMS Temeraire in Portsmouth – the Navy’s home of physical training.

The ships leave Portsmouth on January 16.

So, a Type 054A FFG, a Type 071 LPD, and a Type 903A AOR. Pretty nice group and if they give tours it would be a nice set of tours to take. If those three came into San Diego, San Francisco, or to Seattle, I would be real tempted to drive the 600-800 miles to see them.