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Russia has no where near the naval capability China has

yet Russia seems to be very much more aggressive towards Western countries, and the West is more afraid of Russia no doubt about it

I was watching a Naval documentary and only 2 very old Russian warships one of which was a auxiliary stopped the French aircraft carrier from conducting air operations in the Mediterranean

The French had a Royal Navy Type 45 DDG providing air cover and its job was to stop any Russian warship getting close to French carrier because during air opps no other warships is allowed to come within 12 miles of the French carrier

the Russians blatantly and opening cut between the French and British warships and Type 45 DDG had to manoeuvre very close to the Russian to make it move away before Rafales could start taking off

Then Russian launched a very old helicopter right over the Type 45 DDG again Royal Navy was frantically trying to radio the helo asking it to move away

Russian have like 40 years olds ships and they tied down navies of two powerful Western countries

Now imagine what they would do with a Type 055??
The Chinese admire Russians for their bravery but on the other hand Chinese also feel Russians are brave to a fault and get into foolhardy territory.

Nickname for Russians in China these days is '战斗民族', or "warrior race", with something of a mixed connotation.


These screen captures show air-burst rounds being fired from the ZTD-05 amphibious assault vehicle. This is the first time I have seen ZTD-05 fire air-burst rounds.