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Le 5 Février, au chantier naval Jiangnan Changxing à Shanghaï. Pas tous les navires actuellement en construction ont été annotés dans l’image...
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On February 5, at the Jiangnan Changxing shipyard in Shanghai. Not all ships currently under construction have been annotated in the image ...
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There is said to be a second Type 052D or a destroyer along with 161 Hohhot for that task force. I have not seen pictures of the second destroyer however. The destroyer flotilla 161 Hohhot belongs to, currently has no other Type 052D destroyer and its only other active destroyer is Type 051B refit 167 Shenzhen, given that 168 and 169 are the two 052B in a state of being stripped and waiting for upgrade. If there is another warship, it either has to be another Type 054A or the 167 Shenzhen if it belongs to the same destroyer flotilla, or the second 052D belongs to the other SCS flotilla, possibly 174, given that 175 is off to the Gulf of Aden.


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Captain and crew of the Type 054A frigate Changzhou are under quarantine or isolation.

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I think discriminating a bit as to the sources and specific nature of the claims being made are worthwhile here...

foreign reporting on the PLA during normal times are average to dubious at best, and the questionable reporting of information on the coronavirus over the last few months have been notable as well. Bringing the two topics together probably warrants even more careful scrutiny.