PLA strike strategies in westpac HIC


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Are there good resources on the ways in which China plans to target American Naval forces in a Westpac scenario? I've been noticing a lot of scattered developments that may be relevant. China has plenty of capable missiles (although a Zircon equivalent is still missing), but targeting will probably be the main challenge, as American carriers would leave as much space between themselves and Chinese shores as possible. Some of the most relevant potential technologies include the following:

1. High altitude balloons. Surprisingly difficult to take down, and presumably rather cheap if production is scaled up
2. Satellites. There has been footage of Chinese satellites tracking relatively small objects. Additionally, China has launched the first geosynchronous orbit satellite, which can provide near constant coverage of a single location
3. Hypersonic reconnaissance drones, like the WZ-8
4. Underwater monitoring systems, most notably the so-called Great Underwater Wall
5. Air/ship-borne radar developments. Improved AWACS capabilities, better naval reconnaissance capabilities, etc.
6. Small unmanned vessels, both submerged and surface, with recon capabilities.