PLA Small arms


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New SMG in action. Really high fire rate. Faster than I expected. Also, on another point. What's the point of an SMG in a military context when Carbines exist?

Second line troops, compact size. An SMG like this could be holstered something a carbine would have more issues with. It can also be more effectively suppressed and put places a carbine couldn’t like say the ejection seat tray of a fighter. The dash of a vehicle the space of a tank driver’s hole. It’s also an option for Personal security detachments around senior officers in environments where a full rifle would be shunned. I E visits where a tie is more appropriate than a plate carrier.


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3) if the soldier is using a night vision device on his helmet he may not be able to use the optical sight due to the obstruction. An IR laser sight will allow him to still aim. This however has the trade off that if the opposition has Night vision they too will see his laser.

Honestly not as much of an issue as one might think. Peq's and the like are usually on switches rather than "always on". Switch only gets pushed when you start aiming, rather than constantly (although in movies and the like it looks way cooler if the laser is always on, lol.)