PLA Small arms


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Not a surprise when you consider it’s location. It’s directly under the bold that’s not a position that lends its self to non reciprocation.


A look at the 208th institute, which is China's premier design institute for small arms.

Since the video is in Chinese, I will provide brief summaries of pertinent points, accompanied by screen captures.

The sign reads 'Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Room'.

Humidity and barometric pressre testing apparatus.

The new assault rifle being tested in simulated muddy water.

Simulated sandy and dusty environments.


Accuracy analysis.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and computer simulation are now being used extensively, which significantly shortens development time. For example, previously each design iteration takes 6-12 months; now it takes only 1 month. Moreover, accurate simulation software and increased compute power allow designers to crunch out a simulation (of a gun's action) in 30 minutes and validate a design in a single day, which used to take weeks.

Shown here is a computer simulation of a pistol being dropped on a hard surface. The simulation is used to quickly solve an accidental discharge problem that previously would have taken months to resolve.