PLA Small arms


Lieutenant General
A bit clearer photos of the new submachine gun.

Unrelated, but note the flat upper with integrated rail on the police officer on the right. This upper was likely an aftermarket private endeavor intended only for law enforcement and never for the military.


Tyrant King
The term “upper” in this case is a misnomer.
In an AR or a QBZ03 it’s appropriate in an AK it’s not and in this case is also not.
Upper is borrowing from the M4 which introduced the much copied Flat top upper receiver to the AR. The receiver assembly of the QBZ95 is in the “stock”. The best term there fore is either the carry handle or sight bridge which is what HK calls it on the G36.


man do they need ANOTHER submachine gun?? ah wait this one looks pretty cool......
BJC-16 aiming for their police market.

Also, by now you should realise that their LE (Law Enforcement) market is literally the testing ground from their light arms and gear, whatever the LE really caught on and proliferate, you can expect their military will hop on, alas a few years after.