PLA Next Generation Main Battle Tank


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Great for open fields/urban combat(?) but it would be horrible for places like dense forests where the drone could probably catch on branches/tree leaves/debris.
Overall, not a bad idea though.
Yes, forests is exactly where I think it wouldn't be useful, at least not when tethered. My thoughts are based on observations of the Ukraine war, where poor situational awareness doomed many a tank, and jamming appears to be an effective tool against drones. Not having to worried about battery life or carrying the weight of a battery could also allow it to mount more powerful sensors, e.g. 360 degree 18-150mm optical zoom lenses with optical and IR sensors. It'd be more versatile if it could have multiple communication modes, e.g. an untethered, high frequency, short range mode to allow use in forests, and an untethered, lower frequency, longer range mode to allow for use as drones are used today (forward observation, dropping grenades, etc.) when the enemy doesn't have jamming capabilities.


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As proven in operation desert storm, tanks do not have to trade protection for mass assault / offensive scenarios, so I am hoping protection against UAVs and modern munitions is greatly considered, and then afterwards the ability to conduct offensive operations. Whilst the tank is not obsolete it is becoming quite clear the russian doctrine simply does not work in modern conflicts. The T72s are getting replaced by T90Ms with vastly superior protection for a reason. I think it would be quite stupid to design a next-gen tank for cold war style european plain battles, even with APS, blowout panels, and various other protective measures the focus should be on the ability to integrate in a combined arms scenario, survivability and protection. Nevertheless firepower and mobility shouldn't be sacrificed and that is where an unmanned turret excels. Bustle autoloader preferred, with blowout panel as a hit doesn't destroy the entire turret.
The Type 99A's laser can already blind drones.