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sure it's a 122mm??? Judging by the size of the gun, single rear axle vehicle, size & number of rounds carried i am inclined to believing this is a 105mm mount.
You can’t use length as a judge of bore. Older 122mm guns and 105mm even more modern types are actually pretty close in size. This is as they occupy a similar mission role of field artillery. With similar range and employment strategy. When vehicle mounted they can even mount on the same host. Example the Chinese SH2 and SH5 used the same host vehicle and are all but identical in photos. But one the 2 is a 122mm well the other is a 105mm.
here we have an American solder about to load a clearly marked 105mm shell.424CB599-D15C-4829-9398-FA46261B40A1.jpeg
And here we have a Syrian Rebel handling a 122mm shell.
generally Americans tend to have a larger build and factor in body armor but still Size wise not that different. The biggest difference is 2 part ammo for the D30 vs one piece for the American.


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Is this legit ?
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Most likely true. Wouldn't have so many people paying attention to it if it wasn't. It's too niche a thing to be made up and corruption in Chinese leadership and industry is almost cultural. Things like this is why the Japanese used obsolete Japanese vessels to sink the Chinese navy using the latest and greatest imported German ones of that time, pre-WW2 Sino Japanese war. The corrupt Chinese commanders sold the guns off to pay off gambling debts.

偷工减料 is rife in the industries. It may not apply to every single one but compared to western nations and Japan/Korea, China has a long way to go before this culture can be eradicated and it needs to be. Really pathetic. Goes back to Chinese people needing to one up each other with brand names and outward expressions of wealth. Primitive thinking. When can we get rid of these attitudes. It really holds China back. Why are the executives fired and not executed? They must have friends in high places.

Can you imagine Chinese ICBMs being equally compromised? Yikes.