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It looks like the helmets, NODs and uniform overall look the same model as we've seen recently on a different occasion.

I wonder if it reflects a new standardized PLA procurement, even if it would only perhaps be limited to TZBD units

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From the use of a maritime plate carrier I'd presume these are Marines or PLAN commandos which would explain the procurement of mission specific equipment including more expensive NVGs and PPE as at least pictured. With that said I wouldn't be surprised if other specialized units across the greater PLA shared similar procurement pipelines from higher tier vendors (who are significantly greater in number than years prior) hence why Macau Garrison, PLAAF Air Assault Personnel, and even adjacently speaking PAP have access to similar issuance of greater quality overall.


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China, Laos to hold Friendship Shield-2023 joint exercise in May​

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EditorChen Zhuo
Time2023-05-05 18:07:34

BEIJING, May 5 -- Based on the agreement of both sides, the China-Laos Friendship Shield-2023 joint military exercise will be held at the Kommadam Academy of the Lao People's Armed Forces (LPAF) in Laos from May 9 to 28.
The exercise will be set on the scenario of joint attacks on transnational armed criminal groups, involving more than 900 participating troops from both sides. The Chinese side will send over 200 troops from a combined-arms brigade of the 75th Group Army under the PLA Southern Theater Command to the exercise, along with more than 300 units (sets) of assault vehicles, various types of ordnance, and equipment for mine clearance, explosive disposal and epidemic prevention.
This exercise will include such contents as mixed grouping training, comprehensive drills, cultural exchanges and humanitarian assistance event, which is of great significance to strengthening military exchanges between the two militaries and maintaining regional peace and stability.

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I like trucks.