PLA Anti-Air Missile (SAM) systems


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HQ-10 pulverizing a YJ-83.

Till this date I've yet to see any navy intercepted supersonic asm.


Till this date I've yet to see any navy intercepted supersonic asm.

And? What are you trying to express? Don't leave us hanging with pithy one-liners, please flesh out your thoughts. Do you think intercepting supersonic AshMs is unrealistic and cannot be done with existing systems?


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C ram => SeaRAM RIM-116

But I believe unlike SeaRAM the HQ-10 does not roll along it's axis.

It should. Missile has these two radar receiving horns that is used to passively home in on the radar seeker of antiship missile. It works by rotating the missile and continuously comparing the difference of the values of the radio signal strength between the two horns and along the different positions of the two horns as they rotate along an axis.

Like RAM, HQ-10 is dual seeker. The other seeker is infrared.

HQ-10 is actually the second "rolling" SAM used by the PLAN. The first is the HQ-7.

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Looks like some sort of vehicle mounted short or medium range SAM system.
Radar on the middle and anti-air missiles on the sides.
Perhaps some HQ-64 variant?
The radar kind of reminds me of the radar on the Pantsir-S1M. Looks new?
The vehicle chassis looks like a Type 08.
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