PLA AEW&C, SIGINT, EW and MPA thread


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The article still has outright falsehoods like expected from The Drive.

For example China started negotiating the purchase of the Su-27 with the Soviet Union in the late 1980s before the 1991 Gulf War. Not afterwards. The first deliveries were made before the Soviet collapse prior to the Gulf War.


Y-9Q, the new ASW patrol appears to be in service, since it's painted and no longer in yellow primer..


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Does anybody know how good the angular resolution would be for modern military optics?
I mean specifically how many times bigger is the camera's angular resolution compared to its theoretical limit defined by the Rayleigh criterion.
I just saw news stating that China was planning a large constellation in SSO which is about 700km above the earth and given that the satellites will be fairly small, the resolution would have implications for whether they would be useful in targeting warships.