PLA AEW&C, SIGINT, EW and MPA thread


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Just my own note; I have a feeling that the pictures here show the cabins of two different types of aircraft and definitely two different airframes.

The ceiling, chairs, consoles, doors and interior overall are rather different.

I believe I've seen the same cabin in the latter two aircraft in the past, and they appear to have a noticeably older console configuration than the cabin shown in the first two pictures.

I wouldn't be surprised if the first two pictures might show the KQ-200's cabin, while the latter pictures show some other older PLAN Y-8 High New aircraft, such as Y-8X or something.


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They have to have one just a question of need to use it. After all one normally doesn’t pull the Cobra maneuver with an Awacs.
There should always be seatbelts on planes even just for turbulence.

I was once on a very empty flight from Houston to Lima, where we hit turbulence. Everyone had 2-3 seats (a whole row) to themselves, so a lot of people where lying down sleeping. Someone wasn't wearing a seatbelt and when the plane suddenly dropped, I saw him basically float into the air then drop! Looked painful.