PLA AEW&C, SIGINT, EW and MPA thread


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There was just - and maybe is still - a special promotion at Simon's Bookshop in the UK (
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) with a special offer of 5UK Pound each older book including the "Beyond the Horizon" and my original "Modern Chinese Warplanes" (2012).
Thanks Deino, but I already bought the book. Its on the way from UK now haha.


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JN1101 EW plane from the No.36 Institute of CETC. Does anyone recognize the plane this EW system is installed on? Looks to be a business jet to me.

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But is this new?? AFAIK it is a Pakistan Air Force Dassault Falcon 20, which is already operational since years....

Dassault Falcon 20 (DA-20) jet aircraft, fitted with electronic warfare equipment and nicknamed "Iqbal" after a Pakistani war veteran, is parked in a hangar at a Pakistan Air Force airbase. It is operated by the PAF's No. 24 Blinders Squadron.
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JN1101 EW plane from the No. 36 Institute of CETC. Unsure if this is for export or domestic use. Does anyone recognize the airframe this EW system is installed on? It looks to be a business jet.

(1440 x 1080)
That is Pakistan Air Force's EW platform, Dassault Falcon DA-20, from the Blinders Squadron. I don't what the connection is between JN-1101 and the DA-20s. Best guess would be JN-1101 systems are being incorporated on a Chinese platform and the Blinders Squadron would also be getting this EW Suite. Because it cannot possibly be that PAF DA-20s served as a test bed for JN-1101. The most likeliest of possibilities could be the former rather than the latter. China isn't known for misrepresentation of aircraft or systems on the brochures. That's what India is famous for, after having had a series of bloopers on their website and posters for the indian air force with photos of Pakistan Air Force's fighter jets on their Web pages .